Show me the money!

FlexJam's mission is to benefit performers and concertgoers alike by providing real-time interaction between fans and bands. By using FlexJam, you can improve not only your concert experiences, but your bottom line. The fact is that we love you bands so much, we're sharing our profits with you!


You no longer need to draw attention to the tip jar on the edge of your stage, or worry about someone stealing from it. We’ve added a Tip button to the Live Event screen on FlexJam for Fans v2.0. Your attendees will have the opportunity to tip you $1.99, $2.99, $5.99 or $10.99.[1] FlexJam gives your fans the chance to express their gratitude easily and securely.

Profit sharing

In addition to the 2 free votes granted per event, fans are able to purchase additional votes, good for the show purchased:

  • 2 Votes: $.99
  • 5 Votes: $1.99
  • 10 Votes: $2.99
  • 20 Votes: $3.99

Profit sharing will kick-in automatically once 20% of your FlexJam for Fans users purchase additional votes during a given event. [2]


Profit Sharing Tiers


Example 1: You have 250 total attendees for the event, with 60 purchasing additional votes. Your band’s estimated earnings are $20... enough to by a round of beer. Multiply that by 5 shows per month, and your revenue isn't quite so modest.

Example 2: You have 2000 total attendees for the event, and a bit more participation with the audience: 600 people purchase additional votes. Your revenue for 1 show would be approximately $170, or $1,705 over the course of 5 shows.

Add some zeroes here or there, multiply by the number of shows, and you can see the opportunity for serious income!

Optimizing your FlexJam revenue stream

The premise for FlexJam is simple: let your fans influence your song choices. You can allow your audience to determine anything from your encore song, to 1 song per set... from your song sequence, to many song selections during a show.  Obviously, the more you encourage FlexJam use during the show, and the more influence you allow your fans to have, the greater your earning potential!

Get started by downloading FlexJam for Bands


  1. ^ Your band will be eligible for the tipped amount, minus the platform’s cut (Apple or Android), and a 10% allowance to FlexJam.

  2. ^ Profit sharing percentages are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us at with any questions.