Born from the desire to connect

As any performing musician knows, each show requires individual practice, band rehearsal, logistical planning, marketing... and the dreaded set list preparation. Randy has played hundreds of such shows, and with few exceptions, prepared set lists for them all. As much as he loves playing, Randy loathed set list composition, as he’d have to pick 35 to 40 songs out of a master list of 200. Would the crowd want more dancing or headbanging, covers or originals, newer or more classic? Are they tired of song X, and would they rather hear song A or B from band Q? And what would his bandmates want to play?

Behind every favorite song there’s an untold story.

Despite the trust his bandmates had placed in him to determine the “magic formula”, Randy’s band always strayed from the list. If fans weren’t shouting requests or leaving notes on stage, one of the guys (usually Jeff!), would channel into the collective consciousness of the crowd and call an audible. And instead of relaxing, hydrating or mingling between sets, the band would invariably rework the set that so much time and effort had gone into. As goes the cliché: There had to be a better way!