If you’re at all like me, Election Day 2016 will not come quickly enough.

I’m not saying voting is a bad thing; just the opposite, in fact. Being asked to contribute your opinion, and potentially alter the outcome of anything, is an honor and a privilege, and something you should certainly do, especially if you care about that outcome. And if you’re also like me, you care a great deal about the song selections bands make during concerts.

Enter FlexJam: Apps allowing fans to vote on the songs performed by bands during live music events! Unlike the current political system where you’re given only two choices, FlexJam for Fans lets you vote on as many songs as bands invite voting on... potentially the entire performance! Whether you like country, metal, punk, pop, jazz or rock music, FlexJam supports all musical platforms.

Do you want to make concerts great again, believe bands and fans would be stronger together, and are you feeling the burn to have bands hear your voice? Get FlexJam for Fans (voter registration is super-simple), tell your favorite bands about FlexJam... And together, let’s get out the vote!

Want your voice heard when it comes to live music?
Download FlexJam for Fans!