FlexJam for Bands: forever free

From booking bands, to promoting shows, to preparing the perfect set list, to keeping in touch with raving fans – the music business is not easy and it’s not cheap. When I was just getting started as a performing musician, I was ready and willing to accept any money saving tips anyone could offer me.

I will never forget the first time I was paid to play. I had just had the time of my life, on a huge stage, in front of a large crowd, doing what I love. Getting paid after all that? I felt like I was somehow cheating! It didn’t take many more shows for me to realize the economic realities of being a typical, working artist.

Being a performing musician costs money. Income from shows, music and merchandise sales goes right back into maintaining and upgrading gear, the next recording session, promoting events and the next album. Spending even $10 on new guitar strings for your Fender can feel like a lot at times. If you’re like most musicians, you’ll be fortunate to treat yourself to a beer from your remaining profit (though you should expense that, too!).

I may not be a money saving expert, but I do know this: any way to cut costs when planning your next show is welcomed.

FlexJam for Bands is free. You won’t see any ads, and all of the features are unlocked. Add as many songs, sets and events as you want, at no additional cost. Future features and enhancements will also be free. We know first hand how hard you’ve worked, and how challenging the music business can be. Our intent with FlexJam is to reduce the time you spend composing sets, increase fan engagement, grow the size of your audience, make club owners happy... and, who knows; save some money for new guitar strings.

I want FlexJam to be one of the best music apps you use.  

Are you ready to start using FlexJam at your next show?

Email me directly and I’ll personally get your account set up – I’ll even add your whole song catalog for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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