Developing FlexJam is an experience I'll never forget, and forever be proud.

It was almost exactly one year ago that our second Kickstarter campaign failed. This was after spending considerable time unable to raise private equity. Believing in FlexJam as I do, I said "Fuck it: I'll develop it myself."

My first app development project? Not one, but two apps that communicate with each other. Not on one, but two platforms. I've worked mornings and evenings nonstop for the past year while working a demanding full-time job. Although FlexJam for Bands and FlexJam for Fans do not yet have all of the features we envision, they have the potential to forever change concerts right now... and they have more features than originally scoped out for professional developers.

I've manifested a vision from scratch, I have a new set of skills, and I have added depth to what I already thought was limitless patience and perseverance. My work is far from over, but if this is as far as this goes and FlexJam falls flat, I am very proud of the accomplishment, and extremely grateful for the experience.

Here's to many more years of lessons, accomplishments, and FlexJam success!