Fans are going to pull their phones out at shows no matter what...

Fans are going to pull their phones out at shows no matter what...

Technology is not going away. Ever.

As crazy as it sounds, we are on a trajectory leading to the “singularity”: A point when humans and computers literally merge and become one. As connected as we already are with our devices, and by extension, each other, one could easily argue that we’ve already reached a soft singularity. Modern music fans are no exception.

Think about the tech habits of average music fans. They are often socially networked, sharing their likes and dislikes in words, pictures and videos. They rate restaurants, night clubs and other services and goods in real-time, impacting the decisions of other consumers. They vote for their favorite contestants on shows like Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent and The Voice – again, in real-time – affecting the content and direction of shows seen by tens of millions.

Simply put, concertgoers, just like all other tech users, expect to connect and influence, right now. With FlexJam’s free music apps, the pop music lover, classic rocker, and hardcore metal fan are all empowered to do exactly that: Connect with performers and influence song selections, in real-time. No other music tech offers anything like it.

As industry observers, we can debate the pros and cons of streaming music. As musicians, we can argue about analog versus digital reverb. But as far as fans are concerned, one thing is absolutely certain: The technology is not going away, and neither are the expectations that come along with it. FlexJam’s mission is to embrace tech and inspire connection and co-creation, to the benefit of fans, bands, and venues... and the music industry as a whole.

Ready to embrace technology at your next show?

Voting got you stressed? How about voting to hear your favorite song at a live show!

Voting got you stressed? How about voting to hear your favorite song at a live show!

If you’re at all like me, Election Day 2016 will not come quickly enough.

I’m not saying voting is a bad thing; just the opposite, in fact. Being asked to contribute your opinion, and potentially alter the outcome of anything, is an honor and a privilege, and something you should certainly do, especially if you care about that outcome. And if you’re also like me, you care a great deal about the song selections bands make during concerts.

Enter FlexJam: Apps allowing fans to vote on the songs performed by bands during live music events! Unlike the current political system where you’re given only two choices, FlexJam for Fans lets you vote on as many songs as bands invite voting on... potentially the entire performance! Whether you like country, metal, punk, pop, jazz or rock music, FlexJam supports all musical platforms.

Do you want to make concerts great again, believe bands and fans would be stronger together, and are you feeling the burn to have bands hear your voice? Get FlexJam for Fans (voter registration is super-simple), tell your favorite bands about FlexJam... And together, let’s get out the vote!

Want your voice heard when it comes to live music?
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Save your money for new guitar strings

Save your money for new guitar strings

FlexJam for Bands: forever free

From booking bands, to promoting shows, to preparing the perfect set list, to keeping in touch with raving fans – the music business is not easy and it’s not cheap. When I was just getting started as a performing musician, I was ready and willing to accept any money saving tips anyone could offer me.

I will never forget the first time I was paid to play. I had just had the time of my life, on a huge stage, in front of a large crowd, doing what I love. Getting paid after all that? I felt like I was somehow cheating! It didn’t take many more shows for me to realize the economic realities of being a typical, working artist.

Being a performing musician costs money. Income from shows, music and merchandise sales goes right back into maintaining and upgrading gear, the next recording session, promoting events and the next album. Spending even $10 on new guitar strings for your Fender can feel like a lot at times. If you’re like most musicians, you’ll be fortunate to treat yourself to a beer from your remaining profit (though you should expense that, too!).

I may not be a money saving expert, but I do know this: any way to cut costs when planning your next show is welcomed.

FlexJam for Bands is free. You won’t see any ads, and all of the features are unlocked. Add as many songs, sets and events as you want, at no additional cost. Future features and enhancements will also be free. We know first hand how hard you’ve worked, and how challenging the music business can be. Our intent with FlexJam is to reduce the time you spend composing sets, increase fan engagement, grow the size of your audience, make club owners happy... and, who knows; save some money for new guitar strings.

I want FlexJam to be one of the best music apps you use.  

Are you ready to start using FlexJam at your next show?

Email me directly and I’ll personally get your account set up – I’ll even add your whole song catalog for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Believing in FlexJam as I do, I said "I'll develop it myself."

Believing in FlexJam as I do, I said "I'll develop it myself."

Developing FlexJam is an experience I'll never forget, and forever be proud.

It was almost exactly one year ago that our second Kickstarter campaign failed. This was after spending considerable time unable to raise private equity. Believing in FlexJam as I do, I said "Fuck it: I'll develop it myself."

My first app development project? Not one, but two apps that communicate with each other. Not on one, but two platforms. I've worked mornings and evenings nonstop for the past year while working a demanding full-time job. Although FlexJam for Bands and FlexJam for Fans do not yet have all of the features we envision, they have the potential to forever change concerts right now... and they have more features than originally scoped out for professional developers.

I've manifested a vision from scratch, I have a new set of skills, and I have added depth to what I already thought was limitless patience and perseverance. My work is far from over, but if this is as far as this goes and FlexJam falls flat, I am very proud of the accomplishment, and extremely grateful for the experience.

Here's to many more years of lessons, accomplishments, and FlexJam success!